Russian federation located in Eurasia (The combined continental landmass of Europe and Asia) is one of the most popular countries in the world. The official language is Russian and the capital is Moscow. Within its vast bounties lie some of the planet’s most luxurious places, extensive plateaus, highest mountains, coldest cities, strongest spirits, best ballet companies and the largest collection of stacking dolls.
Russia is a multinational country where people from diverse countries and cultures can easily adapt to life here. The Russian constitution guarantees freedom of conscience: Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Judaists and representatives of other faiths peas fully coexist here.
All kind of foods are available in Russia – you won’t miss vegetarian food, spices or halal. All the hostels have Wi-Fi and they are full of Russian and International students. So, you will be making friends with students from many countries, including India, of Course! Studying in Russia will give you a global perspective.
Russians often speak English, so communication is never a problem. Plus, you will also be studying Russian as a subject which will help you communicate with patients (a doctor needs to know the local language!) and manage your daily life with the locals. Lectures and exams are all conducted in English language.
Russia is a recognized world leader in training mathematicians, physicists, chemists, geologists, engineers, programmers, physicians and specialists in other natural sciences. This is confirmed by the position of Russian Universities in world Rankings.
According to the organization for economic cooperation and development (OECD), Russian has the most educated population in the world, outperforming Canada, Japan, Israel and the USA, More than half of Russians have higher education qualification. More than 200,000 people from 168 countries come to study at Russian Universities.
One of the fast growing Economies in the world, alongside the other BRICS Countries, Russia is keen to internationalize its higher education in Russia has undergone significant change upgrading facilities and technical equipment in Universities and improving training for teaching staff. Students in Russia are eligible for a range of discounts including for travel on public transport, for visiting museums, libraries, theatres concert halls, parks and other public and entertainment facilities. Students in Russia are never short of something to do after class. They take part in sports competitions, contests, student festivals and other recreational events.

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