It is the largest and oldest medical institute in the Middle East. It was established in year 1827, along 180 years thousands of doctors graduated and millions of patients were treated. The name of Kasr EI Ainy will always mean treatment of poor patients; famous graduates spreading all over raising its name. This giant Medical Institute Constitute nine University hospitals, more than five thousand beds, more than 10 thousand clerks, and more than three thousand staff members. The hospitals accept more than 1.5 million patients every year. This is your first choice to study Medicine. Medicine is a nobble mission based on very special ethics and behaviors aiming at welfare of mankind.
Established in 1908 Cairo University is also known as the mother of University among other younger Universities in Egypt. Located in Giza, Egypt it has successfully being undertaking its mission in providing education, research and cultural duties over the years. The main goal is to meet the International standards of excellence in the field of education, technology, business system, and research and community service. It is the biggest and the oldest University and it is not only renowned in Egypt but also in Africa and Middle East.
World Ranking – 239
QS Ranking – 251-300



Egypt has become a new destination for abroad study. Students from across the world like Nepal, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Africa, UAE, UK, Nigeria, India are making their way towards culturally and historically diversified nation, Egypt. With alluring environment Egypt has well renowned institutions. Along with academic knowledge studying in Egypt provides the opportunity to learn about Middle Eastern culture, including political, historical, and economic. Egypt also provides quality education at all levels and offers students with multi faculty choices. Not only it has affordable cost and facilities, but there are many scholarship programs being offered to international students. Many countries including Nepal, Africa, Malaysia etc… send their student in Egypt for scholarship as well.
So why not to study in Egypt? Among many universities Cairo University is one of the oldest and reputed University situated in capital of Egypt Cairo.